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Sin City Elite Win Pahrump Annual All Night Round Robin Softball Tournament.



Greetings sports fans and welcome back for another fun-filled special edition of Vegas Valley Sports beat. That feisty little Sports column that refuses to give up the ghost at the ghosts request.

It’s a gray overcast day here in the beautiful Las Vegas Valley and a small amount of rain has fallen this morning in Pahrump, just over the hump from Las Vegas.

Your most Intrepid sports reporter, namely yours truly, spent last night in Petrack Park in Pahrump Nevada observing and cheering on the city of prompts annual all night softball tournament. This was my third. My second time attending due to homelessness and I was there from start to finish. There were some very good players and there were some very bad players it was the worst of games, it was the best of games, but it was anything but dull.

The players seemed to enjoy trying to bomb homeless people with softballs but when you swing a softball bat who isn’t swinging for the parking lot? From what I saw there was no safe place in the park foul balls were flying everywhere but that’s just part of the fun. nobody seemed to mind. I certainly didn’t. Neither did anyone that I was with we thoroughly enjoyed the tournament. It ended at around 8:00 a.m. this morning when the Sin City Elite held on to beat the Southeast Squad and take home the big gold and marble winners trophy along with bragging rights until the 2023 tournament commences next year. ūüŹÜ some severe weather began to move in prior to the start of the tournament on Saturday but held off right until the very end when everyone had picked up their equipment and gone home. That weather event has mostly cleared up now and only the overcast remains along with the wind.

There was only one injury of note when a player caught a fly ball to centerfield right in front of me only he caught it on the forehead. He said he was okay but was taken out of the game for the sake of safety and precaution. We certainly hope he is okay this morning and not suffering from a concussion. The tournament was a double elimination round robin. Each team had a short time to play and score as many points as possible during that time. All of the teams had big stick hitters both male and female and they were smacking home runs around like they were redheaded stepchildren. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Being a redheaded stepchild that is. For more information I have no idea who to contact if you want to play next year I would recommend looking up the Sin City Elite or the town of Pahrump and asking them what the necessary steps are to enter a team in next year’s tournament. Unquestionably a good time was had by all last night. We hope to carry that tradition forward into the foreseeable future and for many years to come.

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